mardi 26 août 2014


there are fifteen years, I bought my first minis without knowing I'll never stop. I first bought an army of Warhammer, the High Elf and a team of van saar from Necromunda. And one day in a market, I saw the miniatures of  Wolfen Yllia from Confrontation. And there! I started buying miniatures for the pleasure to owning them !!!

That's how I became a collector

Since I bought a large part of fantasy miniatures of all armies of the year 85/87, I have over 1000 then I bought all Necromunda gangs and some blood bowl teams

You have noticed on my blog: bood-war.miniature.creation I started to modify some miniatures until the day I said to myself: Why not do it myself my miniatures

 it has been 5 years that I think about my dream and finally gonna be achieved before the end of the year !!!
 My project is to make dwarves mounted Pony what has that time did not exist yet

                                                                                                                 My drawings

                                                    update in a few days